How to Ship My Products Internationally?

Sometimes, the national post can be challenging, let alone having to contend with international shipping. When you want to know “how to ship my products internationally,” you can become fed up with there being no clear-cut answer. Unfortunately, there isn’t, but we’ve compiled some reliable and helpful information for your perusal below.

Step One: Check Shipping Regulations

When you decide to ship products internationally, you need to be aware of each country’s rules, regulations, and provisions. Each country will have a different list of prohibited and restricted items, and your job is to be aware of them. For example, in Vietnam, it’s illegal to ship more than 100 commercial calendars to the country.

Step Two: Enter Shipment Details

If you are using online international shipping providers such as UPS, you can enter the shipping details online. These can include who you are shipping the products to, as well as a description of what they are.

Step Three: Have Custom Information Ready

For many international parcels, you need to have your custom information ready, so your shipping provider can prepare your shipping label, customs forms, and invoices. There is a universal standard guide with tariff codes to label items by category for customs.

Step Four: Know Your Taxes and Duties

When you are learning how to ship your products internationally, you will find that taxes and duties are a standard part of the process. However, what you may not know is that you can devise to pay these yourself, or arrange for the receiver of the goods to pay for them. You can even split the costs amongst the buyer and seller, as well as a third party.

When you’re researching “how to ship my products internationally” you will find a whole host of information. However, if you take note of these four steps, you can be well on your way to a successful product shipping exercise.

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